Low Profile Shower Pan Drain - Plastic Rim: PVC

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    Made in Taiwan


    • Style:Strainer
    • Use:Floor

    Key Features

    Low Profile Shower Pan Drain-Plastic Rim: PVC

    01. Installs in tight places - low-profile design
    02. Stainless steel 4" O.D. screw-on strainer
    03. Strainer screw holes located 3-3/8" center to center
    04. Fits over 2" or inside 3" Schedule 40 DWV ABS pipe
    05. For tile showers - has weep holes for shower pan liner
    06. Clamping collar with 4 stainless steel bolts secures into brass inserts - helps prevent stripping
    07. Strainer barrel is adjustable for different shower pan thickness
    08. UPC certification and made in the Taiwan

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